How much is a taxi from Malpensa to Lugano?

If you live in Switzerland or in Italy near the border, you will surely know or you will have heard about the diversity of taxi prices between the two countries, for example the taxi fare from Lugano to Malpensa (taking a Lugano taxi) is much more expensive than the Italian one.

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From today you can rely on our regular private transfer service with confortable NCC cars, fixed prices without surprises and almost always lower or competitive prices to those of the common taxi, with the advantage that you can book in comfort from Switzerland for all and two routes without many rounds of empty calls to organize your transfer, and you can easily pay with cards or debit cards.



Taxi rates from Lugano to Malpensa

With our transport service you have the convenience of paying a fixed price starting from € 150 (transfer from Malpensa to Lugano) and from € 150 (transfer from Lugano to Malpensa).

*The flat rate of 150€ is valid only for Lugano South area from 1 to 3 pax if can fit in a car, not valid from 06:30 to 10:00 Mon-Fri and from 23:30 to 04:30 everyday

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**Fare prices are calculated depending on the vehicle requested (car or van) taking into account the departure time, the number of passengers and the luggage to be transported. You can check the updated prices online in the Quotes/Reservations section by entering your itinerary or contact our customer service team for any questions.

  Taxi transfer from Switzerland to Italy and viceversa

Taxi from Lugano to Milan 169€

Taxi from Lugano to Linate 189€

Taxi from Lugano to Orio al Serio 229€

Taxi from Lugano to Turin  329€

Taxi from Lugano to Genoa  369€ 

Taxi from Lugano to Verona 389€

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