How much is a common taxi fare in Milan?

Taxi fares in Milan are not really cheap. The basic fare is calculated by the time and travelled distance. To find out how much you are going to pay, You need to know the average price first, which is 1,05 Euros per km plus the initial cost…Worry about the total amount at the end of the journey?

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What about a Car Service in Milan?

Milan Travel Service is a legal car service company, working for more than 15 years in airport transfers best taxi competitor and best choice for your trips in Milan. We only use Autorized NCC Cars an Vans up to 7-8 people, driven by great professional drivers, foreign language speaking. Our transfer service is exclusively with flat rates on reservation, which guarantees seriousness and reliability.

How much is a taxi rate from Milan to Malpensa Airport?

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With our private NCC taxi service you can book your transfer from Milan to Malpensa or to any destination directly online without wasting time on calls. The service is available for everyone, individuals and companies, you will have a professional driver who will take and pick you up at the airport in the arrivals area with a name sign, MEET & GREET deal applies to you or to any customer, friend or relative you ask us to receive.

We monitor your flight in the event of advances, delays or cancellations for the most part at no additional cost. We take you in comfortable and clean cars in all discretion, at a competitive price to the classic taxi, we accept cash and card payments, releasing any receipt for your business expense report.


Due to the current restrictions relating to Covid19, we can carry: up to 2 people in a car, up to 4 people in a van.


Transfer from Malpensa to Milan or vice versa

With a Sedan or SW car


Transfer price from Milan to Malpensa or vice versa for 1 or 2 passengers with suitcases (the price is per way and not per person).

Transfer from Malpensa to Milan or vice versa

With a 6 seater van


Transfer price from Milan to Malpensa or vice versa for 3 passengers with  max 4 big suitcases (the price is per way and not per person).

Transfer from Malpensa to Milan or vice versa

with an 8-seater van


Transfer price from Milan to Malpensa or vice versa for 4 passengers with max 8 big suitcases (the price is per way and not per person).

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  • stars_5_yellow   Professionalità, puntualità e buon rapporto qualità/prezzo. Servizio assolutamente consigliato.

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  • stars_5_yellow   Twelve hours before leaving for work between orange days and the white snow, definitely white that caused a truly unexpected change of plans. Google performs the miracle by pointing me to a taxi near my home. Contact immediately and in less than half an hour I have a NCC service for this morning ... polite and friendly. Exactly, it arrives this morning. The first train that takes me to the Central is canceled, new message and I ask for the second miracle: to extend the route and reach Milan What can you say? Availability, excellent driving, discretion, ways now as rare as they are precious in relating to passengers, comfortable and safe car. These are the Christmas gifts!

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  • stars_5_yellow   I had the pleasure of using MT Service Taxi NCC twice and I can only recommend their services to anyone needing transport service in the area. Communication is excellent, clear and transparent. Service friendly and timely and the cars excellently maintained. Well done to the team - will definitely use them again in the future.

    AATXAJzxViOOM_c4JhK2by84mC03FsrdZD37oXUeaiUD=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo?sz=100 Riccardo De Vita
  • stars_5_yellow   Excellent service, to be recommended! I made the reservation through the site format: simple and clear. You can opt for payment in cash, by debit or card. The price is much lower than other taxi services. Ease of communication through WhatsApp. Kindness, availability, punctuality and attention to the customer characterize this service that I highly recommend and that I will certainly reuse !!

    photo alessandra vitacca
  • stars_5_yellow   I had the pleasure of using the services of MT limousine and I am fully satisfied. Flawless service at correct price. For sure I will call them again. 100%recommended and 5 stars deserved.

    AOh14GjknQaNskAJJmBqGoCza67Tz28hzMRwAyg9KfIa=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo-ba3?sz=100 Andrea Recanati
  • stars_5_yellow   Servizio ottimo, puntuali, gentili e macchina nuova,noi abbiamo usufruito per raggiungere Malpensa. Prezzo giusto. Assolutamente consigliato.

    AATXAJwF-4I0X2AIgx43_tPrYQnEshDWo9UCqNmJ61E=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo?sz=100 Caroli Distaso